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Posted on: December 11, 2018

JOB TITLE / POSITION : Technology Transfer Officer ( Amended as: Technology Transfer and Industrial Training Manager )





Canadian dollars $45 per hour to $50 per hour ( depending on qualifications ), 30 hours per  week; 10 days sick leave with pay or 10 days paid emergency personal leave per completed full calendar year of employment, or a combination of both, as required by the provincial government of Ontario; Limited relocation expenses offered.

VACANCY:  One vacancy



For all kind of suitable people including indigenous people, persons with disabilities; Newcomers to Canada.


JOB NATURE:  Permanent Full Time, 30 hours / week, plus flexible overtime.


COMMENCEMENT:  As soon as possible.



Day, Evening, Night, Early morning and morning, Weekend, Shift, Overtime, Flexible hours; Domestic and overseas travel required, May required to travel and work on weekends and holidays when needed.





Monthly by bank cheque after legal deductions including governmental tax.



Conduct research to find out the most market needed technology in Analytical Chemistry industry. Generate training and consultation programs to support industry users.


Provide training and consulting services to industrial clients and organizations including factories, corporations, laboratories and testing centres etc. relating to quality and safety of pharmaceutical, food and drink, and environmental industrial sectors and products. Provide training to clients relating to the use and application of testing instruments in meeting safety and quality standards, regulations and compliance of regulatory requirements or environmental safety.



  1.  Languages: English essential; additional knowledge of foreign language(s) an advantage;
  1. Education:  Bachelor’s degree minimum, higher degree(s) preferable;
  2. Experience:

Minimum 3 years related practical work experience in chemical analysis or testing instrument and equipment application training industry; familiar with industrial markets, especially in pharmaceutical, environmental, food and drink safety and related areas;

  1. Specific Skills:

Report and document investigations and conclusions /recommendations; Provide information to workers and managers / employers on methods to reduce the risk of injury and illness; Provide consulting services to government and other organizations; Prepare research papers, educational texts or articles; Participate in emergency response planning; Develop or administer programs related to scientific fields; Deliver presentations at conferences, workshops or symposia; Conduct research; Establish internal programs within schools, business and industry to promote responsible attitudes towards the environment; Study,

evaluate and control physical, chemical, biological and ergonomics hazards and stresses in the workplace and suggest changes to work processes; Teach safe work procedures and prepare material safety reports.

A./ Basic qualifications, skills and experience:

  1. Ability to conduct scientific/market research in analytical chemistry industry;
  2. Safety training and consultancy for industries, factories, corporations and industrial associations, reporting and documenting investigations and recommendations;
  3. Familiar with end-to-end in-house training designed for or meeting specific requirements and needs of industries, factories and corporations or industrial users, developing specific programs related to analytical chemistry;
  4. Experience in teaching work-safety procedures and preparing material-safety reports;
  5. Delivering presentations at conferences, workshops or seminars, experience in managing end-to-end customized training process;
  6. Experience in using training course development tools or systems, including e-learning development platforms;
  7. Three years or more experience in people management or coaching role;
  8. Proficiency in computer skills, Microsoft Office Suite ( Word, Power Point, Outlook, Excel and etc.);
  9. Experience in profit and loss ( P&L ) management;
  10. Ability to work under minimal supervision in fast-paced environment under constant pressure with tight deadlines;
  11. In-depth training and research experience in chemistry;
  12. Training and teaching experience and skills gained in working with education institutions and industry.


B./ Other qualifications, skills and experience:

  1. Knowledge of food and drug regulations (FDA), environmental regulations (EPA) and safety requirements of Canada, U.S.A. and major Asian countries in pharmaceuticals, food and drink products and environmental protection products;
  2. Knowledge of safety compliance of Canada, U.S.A. and major Asian countries;
  3. Working experience in North America and Asia preferable;
  4. Knowledge in the application of laboratory equipments in chemical analysis and testing;
  5. Able and willing to travel in Canada and overseas including U.S.A. and Asian countries, regularly or occasionally.
  6. Multicultural background, international experience, have some living and working experience in Canada and Asia, preferably for more than one year respectively.



University or college; Professional association or organization; Non-governmental organization;  Business and/or industry; Government department and/or agency;  Health care institution, facility or clinic;  International organization or agency; Research institute, laboratory or centre.



Tidy, clean and punctual habits; Pleasant and healthy; Adaptable to new or changing environment; Analytical mind, Ability to face large group of people or audience.


Criminal record check; Confidential security clearance; Basic security clearance; Enhanced reliability security clearance.

WORK SITE ENVIRONMENT:  Non-smoking, Drugs free.


Domestic ( In Greater Toronto Area, Canada ) travel from employee’s home to work place and back home to employee residence not provided. Limited relocation expenses offered.



Anyone interested with suitability, ability, experience, qualifications and etc. may apply. Please apply by e-mail to:-


E-mail address:

ADVERTISED UNTIL :  January 12, 2019.


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