Preventative Maintenance & Repair

ToLink Inc. offers genuine and quality generic spare parts from vendors to ensure a quality and cost-effective solution.

Our service includes detailed repair and services reports along with comprehensive re-qualification reports. We provide maintenance for instruments including water purification systems and chromatographic equipment like HPLC, GC, LC-MS, UV-Vis, Dissolution Apparatus, and Automation Systems.


Preventative Maintenance:

Preventative Maintenance programs offer the best coverage to suit your needs. This can include coverage of both labour and/or parts.


On-site Repair and Maintenance:

One ToLink is notified of your needs, a specialist will contact you within two hours. For contract customers, we are committed to a 48-hour response time – though our typical response time is between 4 and 24 hours.


In-House Repair and Service:

When your equipment arrives to ToLink, our service department will evaluate the condition of the equipment, the repair costs, and an approximate timeline in which repairs can be completed. ONce all repairs and maintenance have been completed, ToLink can take care of shipping arrangements, or you can provide us with your own methods if you desire.


On-Site Emergency Repair and Service:

If you are in need of urgent repairs, a ToLink Service Engineer will be on site within 24 hours (within our service region) to perform a preliminary problem evaluation. Once the situation is assessed, you will be informed of the cost and approximate timeline in which the repair can be completed. If a repair requires extra parts of other circumstances, clients will be informed of the situation and the problem will be resolved as soon as parts are available.

We also provide service contracts which you can customize to meet your requirements.


Parts and Labour

This is our most customer-friendly service contract. All the parts, labour costs and necessary components will be covered by this service contract.


Labour Only

This contract is the most cost-friendly option. ToLink will be responsible for all labour, but parts will not be included.